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Casey Pflipsen

Queer Photographer & Filmmaker

Minneapolis, MN

I've been fascinated by cameras and playing with them for as long as I can remember. I got my hands on my first camcorder when I was just 11. From then on, I'd use it to film my friends snowboarding, skateboarding, create skits, music videos, and more. Terms like shutter speed, ISO, and aperture became part of my vocabulary at an early age. Photography and filmmaking have completely changed how I see the world, in the best possible way.


It wasn’t until college that I discovered the magic of shooting on analog film. I got my hands on a Brownie Hawkeye 120mm film camera and was immediately hooked. Since 2020, I've almost exclusively shot on still and motion picture film. Right now, my favorite format is Super 16mm film.

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Large Scale Video Production Work

As a Director of Photography and Camera Operator, I specialize in shooting Super 16mm film on my modified Arri SR2. I'm passionate about the technical side of filmmaking, especially lighting, grip, gaffing, and all the nerdy camera gear. Collaborating with a director to bring a storyboard or shot list to life cinematically is what I love. My Arri SR2 has a custom-built video tap, which allows me to connect to a director's monitor and work with ACs for wireless focus pulling. Working on big productions is something I enjoy because it truly takes a team effort to create something beautiful.

I've worked on productions with Overbite Media, Ryan Taylor Visuals, Weird Life Films and more. Check out some of my favorite DP work bellow.


Small Scale Video Work

For small-scale, medium-budget, run-and-gun commercial projects, I take on the roles of Director, DP, and Producer as Pflipsen Films. I usually bring on an assistant or two to help with audio, lighting, gear, etc. I enjoy working with local businesses to create video content that helps them grow. Check out the videos below to see some examples of the small-scale commercial work I've done with local businesses such as Blu Dot, Nauti Daddy Sailing, and Advantage Health Group. 

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